Authentic Art Experience In Cambodia

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Handmade Experience

Cambodian Artists craft their Handmade art works with delicate and masterful skill through painstaking efforts and attentive details. The Handmade art works unveil the soul and knowledge of Cambodian craftmanship and Culture!

Workshop With Local People

The Patient and Unyielding Passion of Local People live in the form of honing their arts and in the soul and nature of Cambodian people. Local People has preserved and passed on their knowledge and skill through many fine workshops!

Authentic Art Experience With Local Artists

In Cambodia, artists spend their lifetime to hone their skills and mastering various arts. Experience Authentic Art Experience to appreciate the delicacy and creativeness of Local Artists!


Our Mission

“Haystome starts with the aim of providing the alternative source of income for Cambodian artists who are facing financial struggles and We support Cambodia Art and Culture by promoting people who spend their lifetime honed and practice arts in Cambodia through our platform to allow our local artists to continue practicing our Arts and bring their creativeness to craft more masterpieces.”

Our Local Artists

100+ Unique Authentic Experiences

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What is Haystome?

Haystome is a digital platform that aim to create impact to the travelers and artists in Cambodia. Haystome connects the travelers and artists to experience various authentic art experiences in Cambodia with convenient booking process and friendly facilitators to facilitate your travelling.